• Spatial Use Analysis to Maximize the Physical Layout of the Data Center
  • Power and Cooling Analysis to Closely Match the Infrastructure Capacity to Current and Planned Loads
  • Design of Physical, Mechanical and Electrical Improvements to Increase Systems Capacities, Reliability and Maintainability
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis to Ensure Efficient Airflow Management for Cooling Distribution
  • ​Vendor Neutral Systems Analysis for Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment for New Applications and Retrofits of Existing Facilties

Sophometrics offers planning, process, and reliability consulting services to the design profession and construction industry.


  • Reliability Assessment and Failure Mode Analysis of Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Consultation on Methods to Increase Systems Reliabilty and Cost Effectiveness
  • Forensic Fault Analysis


TBST Design provides energy auditing, analysis, simulation and HVAC design services focused on identifying and designing cost effective energy retrofit solutions.

  • Energy Modeling with Analysis of Potential Energy Saving Concepts
  • PUE and Other Effciency Metrics Calculations
  • Feasibility Analysis of Alternate Energy Sources
  • Analysis of Alternative Poer and Cooling Systems to Increase Energy Effciency
  • Utility Incentive Coordination



The Data Center Checkup

A Path to Greater Reliability, Efficiency and Operational Excellence

A Data Center Checkup is about identifying the opportunities in a data center environment to increase data center utilization, energy efficiency, reliability and operational excellence.  Cascade Mission Critical, LLC has teamed with two leading consulting firms to provide a suite of services designed to help data center operators realize the full potential of their facilities and provide the best available level of service for their customers.

  • Fire Protection and Code Compliance Review
  • Operational Procedures and Management Review
  • Physical Security Evaluation